Free Noise Textures

Free noise textures by yours truly!

Force ring VFX Give-Away

A free Force-Ring effect.

KH3 Lightning vfx Give_Away

KH3 Lightning vfx recreation files.

Cropping tool mat-function

Small function that can help with optimization when using masks.

World Aligned Texture MF

Four custom WorldAlignedTexture material Functions.

Particle speed-creates

Quite a few particle speed-creates by yours truly.

My own Youtube Channel

Live-streams, videos, tutorials, and loads more content created by me.

Niagara – Gamejam Game

Small gamejam game me, Celeste, Chris, Venci, and Jon made.

Tutorials & Documentation

Cascade Documentation

UE4’s official cascade documentation.

UE4 Material Compendium

Ue4’s official material editor documentation.

UDK Material Compendium

UDK’s mat comp. sometimes clearer than the ue4 one.

Allembic Importer info

Documentation on how to Import the Allembic file formats.

Ue4’s Vertex Anim Tools

Great tools for 3dsmax vertex animation for ue4!

Collision Filtering

Nice info about collision filtering, and sometimes we have to shoot for goals like this.

Get more out of your noise!

Nice documentation on noise usage inside ue4.

3d Imposter Sprites

Good info about 3d imposter sprites. I sometimes bake my flipbooks using this.

Flowmap generation in PS

Using photoshop to create flowmaps.

Abel’s gif’s and exampels

Abel does not only create neat gifs, almost all of ’em contain material setup examples.

Vertex Anim Documentation

Great in-depth documentation about vertex shaders/vertex animation.

Normal Maps explained

How Normal map’s get compressed in ue4. Great read!

Oliver’s Material tutorials

Oliver has some great UDK and UE4 material-related tutorials.

GameTextures on Glass

Bit specific, but sometimes we vfx artists need to shatter expectations.. okay, poor pun.

Simple Ring tutorial

Simple ring tutorial. The website also has interesting content for non-vfx people.

Ue4 pivot painter

Great pivot painter documentation.

UE4’s Free Resource Collection

Hotgates Free Resource Collection is amazing, if you want free.. def check this out!

Garret’s easy Water tutorial

Quick solution to some nice water!

MaterialGirl’s UE4 Blog

Mickaelle Ruckert’s blog filled with neat material tips and more!

Material Editor Efficiency

Markus Hermann wrote a nice article to help you be more efficient within the mat editor!

FX Course for Unity

A great read, even for us ue4 people. loads of tips, trucks, and info.


probably the best place to find other vfx artists and talk all techy to your hearts content.

RealTimeVFX Facebook

the RTVFX facebook group. You’ll have to be accepted since its a closed group.

Broad Strokes!

Jan Kaluza’s website, this jack of all trades has some neat math-based docs!

Tim Hobson on UE4

Great fellow, great documentation!
all round ue4 knowledge!

Eat3d tutorials

while a bit old imho, eat3d still has some great resources!


amazing videos and other resources by/from our Asian vfx friends!

CGWell – Videos

CGWell is literally a wellspring for us vfx artists!

Thomas Harle’s VFX

Really nice documentation for UE4 VFX!

Doug’s VFX Website

Doug’s documentation on udk vfx is still very much relevant today!

Cartrdge gamedev community is a great gamedev community to showcase your work.

Great website filled with tutorials.

The great Elhoussine Mehnik has over 50 ue4 learning templates & samples.

Battleborn vfx interview

Michel Gangé on Battleborn’s hand-drawn vfx.

Polycount VFX Links

Old short list with some interesting documentation.

Volumetric Fog!

UE4.16’s Volumetric fog cheat-sheet.

On VFX for games

VFX master Francisco García-Obledo Ordóñez‘s interview on vfx for games.

VFX Shader info!

VFX artist Thomas Harle talked about how he approaches vfx and shaders.

VFX for UE4

Nathan Huang’s VFX for ue4 interview.


Wirginia Romanowska talking about the vfx for DOOM 2016.


Wirginia Romanowska talking about the vfx for DOOM 2016.

Partikel/Glad on VFX production

The awesome Andreas Glad on his approach to vfx production!

Star Citizen VFX

Great documentation on Star Citizen’s explosions

Raymarching Smoke

Raymarching smoke in ue4!

Mastering VFX with Houdini

Great info on VFX creation in Houdini.

Free Noise Textures for VFX

By yours truly!

Houdini destruction simulation

Paweł Rutkowski on his work with Houdini for the production of hq 3d destruction sims.

Making VFX for FPS

Nikita Shilkin on making VFX for FPS games.

Houdini Motion Vector Tutorial

Motion Vector ROP tutorial, great for smoke and explosions.

Houdini Mud Splashes

Andreas Glad on Mudsplashes using Houdini & UE4.


Luos’s Pinterest

My personal Pinterest with random VFX inspiration.

Jason Keyser’s Pinterest

This Pinterest is filled to the brim with awesomeness.

Coleman’s Pinterest

Coleman’s Pinterest has an amazing collection.

Russel’s Pinterest

Quite a nice collection of VFX to browse trough!

WonderPixel’s Pinterest

Check out the FX-Animation pins!

Ofavrel’s Pinterest

More great VFX content!

S. Haak’s Pinterest

A wellspring of stylized VFX.

Sara’s Pinterest

old-skool stylized vfx!

VFX Collections

the related pins of these vfx collections are worth a few hours of scrolling.

VFX Collections II

More great related pins!

VFX Collections III

Even more great related pins!

Smokey Pinterest

Great smoke & cloud designs.

Youtube & Vimeo

YouTube Slomo

Slow down any video from youtube, great for exploring effects frame by frame.


Mostly UDK, but still relevant!

UnrealSimon’s VFX

vfx channel with random interesting information!

Jona Marklund’s VFX tricks

Jona Marklund’s playlist of neat vfx tricks.

Gigantic’s VFX

Playlist with lots of Gigantic’s amazing vfx.

Star Ocean V VFX

Self-made video showing off most of the star Ocean 5 VFX.

Luos’s VFX Fav’s

Self-made playlist with a big collection of vfx I gathered over the years.

Official GDC channel

The official gdc channel, what more do I need to say.

Sunggeun’s vfx playlist

Great vfx artist and his personal playlist for effects is filled with great resources!

Frontak’s Channel

Frontak’s channel, some great stylized vfx in here as well.

SirHaian’s VFX channel

Amazing stylized vfx done by Sir Haian, def watch all his great videos!

Simon’s YouTube channel

Loads of vfx and other cool in-depth videos. A must-follow channel.

Kakky’s YouTube channel

One of the bigger ue4 vfx marketplace sellers, and his videos are rather inspiring.

Casey Fulton’s YouTube channel

I have always looked up at Casey’s effects, and still do. Really great content in here!

Jason K’s YouTube channel

Great tutorials and information by the one and only Mr. Keyser

Ryan Brucks’s YouTube channel

some great high end technical magic!

Matthew Wadstein’s channel

Loads of great information about the material editor, blueprints,and more.

Jan Kaluza’s youtube Channel

This generalist’s channel is filled with neat tricks!

Ground impact VFX

Some nice ground impact vfx.

Bubble reference

blub. blub. pop.

Fire Reference

some nice fire vfx!

Houdini Animtrail tut for ue4

Andreas Glad’s amazing houdini animtrail tutorial.

What color is slow?

Art of visual language in games.

The VFX of SpellSouls

Nikola Damjanov from Nordeus shares his knowledge on mobile vfx!


(thanks for the link An-Tim!)
The amazing Mickaelle Ruckert’s DMC VFX Reel!

ChengGang’s VFX Reel

Still one of the most amazing RT-VFX reels ever made.

PolySeeds VFX-Reel

PolySeed has some nice VFX reels, I picked a stylized one.

Volume Slices to Texture

This video will show you how to use the Volume Texture ROP to write out textures!

Sci-Fi Shield VFX

Amazing effects made by Khalid!


@Nerfgames Tweet

the naughty brothers stylized vfx in this tweet are just adorbs.

Paragon Meteor VFX

Chris  & Jan showing how the Paragon Meteor fx might have been created.

Propulsion Pixel Art Tut

Saint11’s pixel-art tutorial on propulsion.

Projectile Pixel Art Tutorial

Saint11’s tutorial on pixel art projectiles. (just follow the guy already!)

Keijiro Takahashi’s Tweets

This man is a legend. tweets filled with awesomesauce!

“smear Frame” Effect

Jan Kaluza’s Smear Frame effect github repo tweet!

Stylized explosions

Mike showing off some nice stylized explosions.

Fiery monster vfx

Weezl does great pixel-art, as being shown by this combusting wormthing.

Hand Drawn Explosion 1

Nazoani showing hand drawn explosion effects.

Stylized Explosions 2

Quick but effective stylized explosion/impact effect by Yotube.

Stylized Explosions 3

James Lee showing off a great stylized explosion!

Environmental Hazard Ref.

The amazing Saint showing some nice references for env. hazards.


2d Animation Course

Bitey’s Animation Course is golden! (costs money)

Elemental Magic – Books

These should be on every VFX-Artist their shelves.

Free smokey Flipbooks!

Free flipbooks! Thanks Unity guys!

Houdini for VFX

Costs a few bucks, but this Houdini for gamedev tutorial is worth every penny!

Houdini for absolute beginners

For those who want to start out with Houdini!

Mud splashes in Houdini

Another great tut by Andreas Glad.

Fake Volumetric FX

Great tutorial by Stephen Jameson on fake volumetric effects.

L4D Wounds Presentation

GDC presentation on the Left4Dead wound system.

Riot Games – VFX Optimizations

Riot Games on VFX tricks & optimization. A great read!

Examples of visual fx in fantasy games

Tero V. published a document on “solutions of FX in fantasy games”

Terrain Blending of meshes

The Rite of Ilk people showing off how to blend meshes into your terrain.


Space Explosions!

Nothing big, but contains a few very cool space explosions.

Flame Painting

Painting flames is relaxing and inspiring.

Fluid Sim painting

Painting vector field fluid thingies is also relaxing and inspiring.

Denis’s Stylized VFX

Some nice stylized explosive vfx gifs!

Seung’s VFX Concept Art

Seung Chan Lee’s concept drawings is what I love seeing as a vfx artist.

Stickfigure VFX

The timing is impecable in this stickfigure scene!
Only a small gif.

Anime VFX Galore!

Search for a category and you’ll be rewarded with loads of videos within that genre.


Everyone knows Giphy, just use the search box 🙂

Worldless Stylized VFX

Some great stylized animations for a game called Worldless!

Maple Story VFX

Most classes come with videos showing their skills!

Timing gif

Simple gif about timing.

Solid Stylized VFX

Klemen’s vfx-portfolio showcases some very solid stylized vfx.

Pizurny’s Artsy Gifs

Mind boggling gif’s by Adam Pizurny

VFX Artist Interview

Great interview with Francisco! (GoW)

Riot Art Contest

The polycount Riot Art contest submissions. So much hnng.

Naruto VFX videos

My RTVFX post with a big collection of Naruto vfx.

Creative with Leaves

The things you can do with leaves.

FrameStore movie vfx

Great website with talks on movie-focussed vfx.

Colour Theory Simplified

Link provided to me by “Tharlevfx
Great tips on color usage.

RealTimeVFX Competition

Collection of amazing posts showcasing great monthly event-based vfx.

ShaderForge Examples

Interesting shaderforge setups by Nordeus, anybody with decent ue4 knowledge can read this.

Random inspiration

Great videos, Great images, Inspiration!

Fortnite VFX

Bill Kladis posted some nice gif’s from Fortnite!

Sub-Space Corridor

Joe Canchola made a very cool space-warp vfx!

Forum & Answerhub

AH – Ribbon Trail discussion

Some interesting talk on ribbon trail techniques.

Vertex Anim tool for Blender

Vertex animation script for blender users.

Visual optimisation tricks.

google translated cg-well post about visual optimizations.


Great collection of random mini tutorials and the like.

Baking Decals to textures

Baking decals to texture maps, yes please.

Decal spawn @ particle collision

Spawning decals on particle collision setup.

Spline Thicken information

nice read and info on spline thicken, check it out!

Cell Shading discussion

Cell shading discussion/tutorial. Handy for stylized vfx as well.


JangaFX – Vector Fields

amazing vec-field generator, and soon a realtime fluid simulator! (not free)

Sprite Sheet Maker

Simple flipbook maker. I cannot live without it.

Flowmap Painter

A fun tool to make flowmaps with.

FX Texture Creator

Very neat tool for quick iteration of texture-based effects.

Hevedy’s Image Tools

Loads of neat tools to improve your workflow!

Affinity Designer

Rather cheap but great tool for graphical designs.

Easy VecFields

Jan Kaluza’s github repo for a simple vecfield generator.

VR Vector Field Painter

Joe’s VR VecField Painter. (paid)

Slate Editor

Facedown‘s Slate Editor makes all our vfx-lifes a little better! (Paid)